Monday 1 July 2013

Corporate Videos Part 1 : Why Do I Need One?


Videos on websites are gaining in popularity lately and many businesses are probably wondering if they should jump on the band wagon.  

The first thing to find out is why businesses produce corporate videos as without this knowledge you won’t be able to plan yours properly.

One of the main reasons businesses are falling over themselves to produce videos now is because ever since Google purchased  Youtube, video has been essential to getting top ratings in Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) standings.


Where’s The Humanity?

 Video is the best medium to use for speaking directly to your clients or customers and encouraging them to pick up the phone.  Businesses can use video to show that they are just people too and if done right can take away from the fear factor that some people have before first contacting companies.



Another reason some companies produce videos is to create tutorials for people to show competence in the chosen subject matter.  I have filmed a number of these for clients and it is a well proven tactic for demonstrating knowledge in a certain area.  Indeed, this is what I’m doing with this very blog!


Summarising Your Website

Websites which have a lot of information on them can benefit from a video which sits on top of the home page and briefly goes over the main points of the website.  This means the viewer can get a basic understanding of what a company does without reading whole pages of text.  The viewer can then choose to read the rest of the website for further more in depth information.


Branching Out

A video can be a good opportunity to try out a different marketing strategy, test the market for a new product or go after a different type of clientele without alienating your current clients or changing your current website.  This is made even easier now as Google has introduced Adwords for Youtube videos, so you can make a marketing campaign around a series of videos and see what people are most interested in.

There are many reasons to get a video made for your business and  I have given you a few good examples of how videos can be used in your companies marketing strategy.  In the next blog I will talk about how to make your Corporate Video look professional and elevate your company above the competition.  Until then if you have any questions about what I have talked about please feel free to contact me through the Kelly Images website.

Look out for part 2 - coming soon on The Brighton Business Curry Club Blog

Post submitted by our July event sponsor, Tom Kelly From Kelly Images