Thursday 28 November 2013


A crash course in Infographics by those clever rascals at

As part of our talk at the Christmas Curry Club we will be asking for a little bit of data from all that attend. It will not hurt a bit! From this we will produce an infographic to illustrate our findings.

If you don't know about infographics they're the humble pie chart's fitter sister.

In short one sexy way to convey data.

To get an idea of how this works have a quick look at the one we produced from last month BBCC.

How did we do this you say? 

Well woven into our witty patter whilst chatting to people on our tables we slipped in a few questions in and noted the answers. From this data we produced the following artwork.

To get a handle on the metric please note the scale for one person to the left of the page.

Looking at the smallest spot size that represents one person you can quickly reference the rest of our findings.

Beautiful, insightful & fun - Welcome to infographic mania. So the more info we gather at the Christmas BBCC on the 10th Dec the better our artwork will be. No pressure!

To check our more about how Cleverink work their magic check out

Monday 25 November 2013

Content First

 Latest research states that in 2012 on site attention or engagement lasts just eight seconds. 

That means you have as long as it takes to tie your shoelaces to get your services and point of difference across on YOUR website… makes you think doesn’t it! 

The principal weapon in communicating your message is well-written text. 

This is just as important as your images and design but all to often not considered properly. 

At the end of the day it's the deal closer when people finally decide to contact a potential supplier. 

The design of a web page should aid the reader’s experience to absorb information and support the message. 

This is why content first design is winning eyeballs across the Internet. 

As it says this design movement is clean, simple and content light meaning your pitch, perception, pricing and personality are clear. 

To see our beautiful, clean content first design for local superstar architect Koldo Gill please click here: or check us out at 

Post submitted by Cleverink, sponsors of the December Christmas Curry Club.