Friday 30 May 2014

Most Valuable Thing That You Learned Last Year?

Here’s the latest Brighton Business Curry Club video. This month we focused on finding out what the most valuable thing was that our interviewee’s learned in the last year. As always the responses were as diverse as the types of businesses represented at the Curry Club, from food distributers to corporate tax to camping and foreign property.

The idea behind these videos is to harness some of the expertise in the room and offer it to the broader community. It’s always a struggle to get round lots of people at any networking event and time often seems to slip away. With videos like this we aim to extend the exposure of the businesses in the room by asking them to share their knowledge and offer some value to a wider audience.
Video courtesy of David Kilkelly from Blink Back Video 

Monday 14 April 2014

Top Networking Tips

The Brighton Business Curry Club is a monthly event that combines Business Networking with a sit down curry meal and a bar for drinks. I’ve been several times and although it could be construed as ‘work’, drinking beer, eating curry and talking to interesting entrepreneurs and business owners is not exactly ‘work’ by my definition.

I’d spoken to Nick Harvey who runs the club on a few occasions about a videos and this was the fist month that those talks came to fruition. I’ll be producing further videos for the next events in May and onwards.
What I wanted to do with the video was give them some value. I saw little point in producing several promotional videos that all said the same thing so Nick and I decided on some themes and the first one is ‘Top Networking Tips’. Hopefully this not only gives and idea of what the Curry Club is like but also offers some broader insight into networking in general and why it’s a useful pursuit for businesses to undertake.
I’d like to thank the following individuals for taking part in the film.
James Wright – Streamline Taxis  :
Andrew Lake  - Laughing Donkey Entertainments :
Caraline Brown – Brighton and Hove Business Awards :
Chris Mansfield – Davenport Property Investments:
Jayne Hopper – Reach for Nutrition :
Nick Harvey – Harvey Marketing Company :

There are some photos from the event at Paul Fletchers site here
Watch this space for more business Curry Club tips next month!
David Kilkelly
BlinkBack Video Marketing

Wednesday 9 April 2014

NEWS: Outstanding by Ofsted

Chichester College have been rated Outstanding by Ofsted, including Work based learning and to celebrate, they are offering all local businesses the opportunity to train up their existing staff as apprentices for free, any age, as long as they don’t already have a degree.  

This offer is for is open until 31st May 2014.  

To find out more, contact their Head of Business Development.

..Marketing, Team Leading, Management, Customer Service, Business Administration, and many more!

Sue Garman
Head of Business Development
Chichester College
Tel: 01243 786321 extension 2153
Mob: 07917 243988

Monday 20 January 2014

African Adventures - Orphanage Funding

Guest post submitted via Sharna. Robs daughter at Davenport Wealth.

I know that we are all regularly asked to help or sponsor various people for various events. 

However I hope to gather support from the local business community of Brighton & Hove to sponsor me. 

In return for sponsorship I will be giving up half (3 weeks) of my school summer holiday to volunteer to teach and help in anyway I can in an orphanage in Ghana.

I have never done anything at all like this before and, I will be stepping way out of my comfort zone to, travel with some school friends (10) to Africa.

To be able to both pay my way on the trip and also provide a small amount of funding for the orphanage I have a target to raise £2,500. Of this £900 will pay for my flights, approximately £650 will go towards security and accommodation, the remainder of what I raise will go directly to the ongoing financial support of the orphanage.

I began fundraising in November and have managed to raise £500 so far thanks to the
generosity of many people.

I will be asking for sponsorship at the February curry club, in return I would ask all those who choose to sponsor me, place a business card alongside their donation, in return for this I will be holding a prize draw with the winner receiving two tickets for one of this seasons Twenty-Twenty Cricket Matches.

A little about me: 

My name is Sharna Pelling, I am just 15 years old and am a student at Blatchington Mill School. 

Below you will find a link to African Adventures, the company I will be a volunteer with, if you would like to discover more, please click on the link below.

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity and support.