A Visitors Guide to Restaurants in Brighton

Brighton Pier, East Sussex - Brighton Restaurant DirectoryBeing a tourist in a different city gives you plenty of different adventures and challenges, particularly when it comes to finding a good restaurant. You just don’t want to be disappointed; you want to find and eat the best food in town.
You may be searching for a restaurant in Brighton because you’re here for a weekender, a holiday, or you are discovering the city because of a stint with work. No matter the reason, we have all been there in a new place. You arrive somewhere and you want to make the most of your time in a city and you want to be pointed in the right direction. You may be looking for a candle-lit dinner, award-winning cuisine, or you may be looking for somewhere quiet and boutique so you can impress a work contact; different budgets and companions call for different restaurants.
Restaurants Brighton is built in collaboration with local Brighton people who have a background in tourism and hospitality, and a passion for great food. Our restaurant guide for Brighton, Hove and wider Sussex is drawn together for its users and the information featured is from a local’s perspective and is an effort to highlight the great restaurant options available to you. We aren’t food experts or chefs (but we do like a good feed!) and we are thankful to a team of chefs and independent proprietors in the city who encourage our exploratory attitude to food.