Monday 20 January 2014

African Adventures - Orphanage Funding

Guest post submitted via Sharna. Robs daughter at Davenport Wealth.

I know that we are all regularly asked to help or sponsor various people for various events. 

However I hope to gather support from the local business community of Brighton & Hove to sponsor me. 

In return for sponsorship I will be giving up half (3 weeks) of my school summer holiday to volunteer to teach and help in anyway I can in an orphanage in Ghana.

I have never done anything at all like this before and, I will be stepping way out of my comfort zone to, travel with some school friends (10) to Africa.

To be able to both pay my way on the trip and also provide a small amount of funding for the orphanage I have a target to raise £2,500. Of this £900 will pay for my flights, approximately £650 will go towards security and accommodation, the remainder of what I raise will go directly to the ongoing financial support of the orphanage.

I began fundraising in November and have managed to raise £500 so far thanks to the
generosity of many people.

I will be asking for sponsorship at the February curry club, in return I would ask all those who choose to sponsor me, place a business card alongside their donation, in return for this I will be holding a prize draw with the winner receiving two tickets for one of this seasons Twenty-Twenty Cricket Matches.

A little about me: 

My name is Sharna Pelling, I am just 15 years old and am a student at Blatchington Mill School. 

Below you will find a link to African Adventures, the company I will be a volunteer with, if you would like to discover more, please click on the link below.

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity and support.