Monday, 6 August 2012

Follow that star! Harnessing our city’s thriving economy

The British economy shrank by 0.7% between April and June, sending everyone into a spin yet again. But according to an article in The Argus, Sussex’s businesses are bucking the economic trend with confidence surprisingly high.

Despite the gloom and doom, in Brighton and Hove we’re fortunate enough to be experiencing steady economic growth. And we’re doing it all on our own, without much help from those in power. Well done, us.

What can local businesses do to take advantage of the situation?

The news is a serious shot in the arm for local businesses like ours. So what can small business owners do to ride the wave?

Catching different fish

If you haven’t done it already, get cracking and update your prospect database. There’s plenty of fresh potential in town. 

Most of our members operate business-to-business, so think creatively about the kind of businesses that will benefit from your services. If you’re not in the new media sector, it’s the hottest industry in town – can you hook into it? Scour the Argus for inspiration, check the jobs pages to see who’s recruiting (therefore growing).

Making sure you look the part

Does your business look, feel and sound professional or is your public face letting you down? If you’ve been putting it off because you’re too busy, or too busy trying to get busy, now’s the time to overhaul your online and printed collateral. When you look and sound the part, you’ll attract more business. 

Putting yourself about

Are you networking yet?

There are loads of business networking events in Brighton and Hove, all different. If you haven’t experienced a Curry Club event yet, sign up for the next one. Alternatively, pick your weapons based on personal research: choose your top six networks, going by what they say on their websites, and sample them for real so you know for sure the winner (or winners) tick the right boxes.

What about marketing? If you don’t do much, it’s time to make your voice heard so the city’s exciting new prospects can find you. It’s a bit like that film, Field of Dreams. You can’t just build a business and hope customers will magically arrive. You need to tell them you’re here.

Altering your mind-set

There’s a growing body of evidence proving that believing success is possible, better still probable, helps you achieve it in real life. Positive thinking is a handy business tool, and this week’s good news about the local economy gives everyone a solid reason to perk up, gird their loins and take a fresh look at the possibilities.

Don’t believe a word of it? Here’s a fun experiment for you

First, think of something that annoyed you recently. Go over it again and again, re-running it and remembering the feelings you had at the time. Continue for ten minutes and notice how you feel worse as time passes. By the end of the process you’ll probably be livid, fit to kill.

Second, think about something that made you feel really happy. Ruminate, daydream and re-experience it for ten minutes and notice how much happier you feel, and how much more positive you are about your working day. Better? 

You’re in control of how you feel, so let the good news about Sussex’s lively economic landscape drive your attitude to business. You might as well be optimistic, there’s nothing to lose! 

What are you doing to make the most of Sussex’s thriving business scene? Leave a comment and let us know.     


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